Tera: Adventures As An Elin #002

Hello everyone!

This is a short update on my cute adventures as a little bunny Elin. I recently logged in to grind a bit, and complete some more low level quests. There wasn’t much interesting to talk about, except for the fact that it was… Easter! (Yeah, I know, I’m a bit late with this post. Gomenasai. T^T ) You know what Easter means in the world of MMOs? Lots of cute Easter themed rewards, new baddies, and… bunnies! Wait… why am I excited about the bunnies? I almost forgot… I am one. There were new “egg thief” monsters in the game which, when killed, dropped eggs. (who would have guessed?) You can crack these eggs open in your inventory to receive special items. I just ended up getting some special bills (see later in post for a description) and a pair of bunny ears. Bunny ears… Totally useless. Those eggs should have known that I already had a pair attached to my scull. *laughs*

Apparently I wasn’t the only bunny enjoying the festivities. I met up with some other Bunny Elins, and we had a fun time dancing and killing things together. Something about that doesn’t seem very bunny-like…



Cuteness overload, right? Now that you’ve gotten your daily dose of bunny, I would like to mention some cool things about the game I’ve noticed recently. Their reward system. Not necessarily rewards for grinding until you pass out on your keyboard. No, En Masse Entertainment rewards you for simply logging in. Every time you log in, you will receive a message that includes some items called Federation Bills. You can spend these bills at a special merchant found in the towns. you can spend them on useful items, or fun dress-up items. You can even save them to get some really cool armor. The bills are easy to get, and it doesn’t cost much to buy yourself a cowboy hat or a funny emote mask. (Click the images to make them larger! But, you already knew that right? Righhhht?)



Another reward I want to mention is a small present item called a “Weapon Crate” that you get in your inventory. You can open it every 5-10 levels or so.  The present gives you some cool boost items, and apparently a really powerful weapon for your level.


Speaking of powerful weapons…  when you turn level 16, you get a quest for something called your “Avatar Weapon”. This is a special weapon that requires you to collect shards from around the world in order to create it. After acquiring it, you can enchant it up to +9. That’s a lot, considering it’s base stats. Look at those stats. So far it seems that the weapons you get from the Weapon Crates will be the weapons that you use until you get your Avatar Weapons, because they are the strongest you can get. Once you get higher level, you can probably craft some cool weapons, or buy crafted weapons though. I’m not entirely sure.


Well, thanks for listening to my Elin rants again. I hope I will have some really interesting experiences to share with you by next time! Until then, keep living life, one level at a time! (With the occasional buff.)

GameView: Goat Simulator


Hello Everyone!

Today I’m going to bring up a very interesting title. Goat Simulator by Coffee Stain Studios. A game where you play as a goat and go around creating chaos. So, if you have ever wanted to be a goat, this is your chance!
Here is the website!


I started up this game, already knowing what to expect. Goats, chaos, and bugs. The game’s Steam page has some interesting selling points, one of them being “MILLIONS OF BUGS! We’re only eliminating the crash-bugs, everything else is hilarious and we’re keeping it”. I wasn’t sure what kind of bugs I would find after hitting the play button, but I will tell you they were all funny as shit. My first impression is that the graphics are actually pretty good, the game ran really smooth, and the gameplay is frickin funny. I loaded my goat, and began exploring the awesome town that you spawn in. You find yourself surrounded by moving vehicles, stray mattresses, trampolines, and lots of people. You get points for licking things, wrecking things, jumping on things, etc etc etc…


There are some awesome places to explore in the game, and you can climb up super high. There are accessories you can unlock for your goat, so that you can have more fun and an easier time making objectives. The overall objective is to get a “really big ass score”. You can also unlock secrets and new goats (well… maybe goats?). The bugs really are an addition to the game. Your goat spazzes out, your neck bends weird directions, and you can also mess up the NPC characters pretty good. Pretty much everything is destructible, and you will get a laugh from some of the stuff that you can lick. Some of the locations are also really interesting. The game is really rewarding.



I would encourage anyone who wants a good laugh to pick up a copy of this game. It’s affordable, and totally worth it. You will have something funny to show your bros when the party starts getting boring. If you like causing mass destruction and explosions, this is the game for you. If you are bugged by bugs… well maybe not. Trust me, you will get your neck stuck in a wall after shooting miles across the map. It just kind of happens. Either way, I’m having a really fun time getting my goat on so far, and I can feel my stomach muscles getting tighter by the minute.


GameLogic: Loot

Hello everyone!

Today is a topic that I am going to keep as simple as the title. Loot in games.

Okay, picture this: You are out looking for feathers to craft a certain recipe that you’re interested in. You come across a mob of tiny, evil birds. You pull out your bow, and shoot a few. Their bodies are glowing, so you know you’ve scored some loot. You go over, press the action button, and a giant greatsword pops out of their ass. You have no idea why or how. You continue killing them only to receive more random useless items. You let out a sigh emote and continue down the path. A huge nest attracts your attention. You go over, realizing you can use the action button, and suddenly… feathers!! You have extracted feathers from a nest that didn’t even seem to have any inside of it.


Many games I have played have this issue, but some don’t. The above image is from GW2. I ventured out and killed a wolf mob, only to have them spit out a giant staff upon their death. Not sure where the wolf was hiding it, or the story behind how it got there. I have received large items and weapons from tiny plant monsters before, and completely unrelated items such as butter from a spider or zombie. I won’t complain too much. An item is an item, and it’s better than nothing, but how the heck does a spider get a perfectly shaped stick of butter? There are also games that do completely unreasonable things with loot. BioShock Infinite for example. Recently watching the game being played through, I realized that you can find some pretty interesting things in weird places. Money in trash, potatoes in toilets (and you can eat them for health), and don’t forget to search for all the random lockpicks littered around.


On the other hand we have games such as Skyrim and Minecraft that have some pretty legit loot. Also, a lot of survival themed games seem to have realistic loot, especially thirst hunger sleep based ones. It is definitely more immersive when I venture out to find ingredients, and I know that killing a duck will give me duck meet, and gathering a cabbage will give me… well… cabbage.



Does relevant loot affect your gaming experience? If it does, comment!

GameView: Ghost Recon Phantoms


Hello everyone!

Today I would like to mention a game that I recently started playing. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Phantoms. This is an online addition in the style of the original games.

My first impression was that the game has a very friendly User Interface. It is easy to navigate, and very modern and attractive. The interface reminded me of the old game Bullet Run, and some new games like Hawken and GunZ 2. The next thing I noticed was the shop. A lot of stuff has to be purchased with their secondary currency called Ghost Coins, but there is still a lot of gear that can be purchased with their in-game money. Most of the customization items don’t seem available unless you spend money. I haven’t gained enough levels yet to find out if you can earn them as rewards. There are also some items that seem to only last 30 game sessions, which means you must purchase them again if you want to continue using them. Most of the weapons and gear seem to be permanent, which is a huge plus. Who wants to earn all that money from matches, just to have to spend it on an item you had already purchased before?



I got my character decked out. I chose the Recon class, because I really enjoy using long-distance weapons and sniper rifles (Yeah, I’m that annoying bitch that headshots you from some obscure hiding place). I was able to buy an upgrade for my weapon and armor right off the bat. You start out with 12k of the in-game money. The main complaint I have about character customization, and this is a big one… YOU CAN ONLY BE MALE. There, I said it. This is one of the biggest pet peeves I have. Apparently no female can ever shoot a gun and hit anything. Sexism in games bugs the shit out of me. How are you supposed to connect with your character? Okay, that rant is done. Here is the second complaint I have… you can only buy head gear with purchased currency (Ghost Coins)! Okay, I know this isn’t Team Fortress 2, but who doesn’t like to have an awesome hat. It really adds personality to your character. Hats are life.


Moving past the character customization, we have the gameplay. I hit the Quick Play button, and allowed the game to begin searching for matches for me. There was a chat room where you could dink around while waiting for the match to start. After joining the match, you can re-choose your class before entering. Each class levels up separately. Upon joining the match, I was very impressed with the maps. They are laid out beautifully, and the art is amazing. It has a really awesome, futuristic atmosphere. The game is a Third Person Shooter. Most people are used to First Person when it comes to an online shooter. It didn’t take me long to get comfortable, though. What really impressed me is the ability to track the direction of your teammates (green lines from body to body, and blue lines on the ground tracking where teammates have recently passed through)! This was a really awesome and unique addition. The mini-map is also amazing, and gives you a 3D view of the layout.




The combat also felt really good to me. The guns handle mostly realistically, and there are many types of each gun that all have different effects on how you can play. My first gun had a really bad recoil, but great damage, while the second one was easy to aim, but had a slower firing rate. The most entertaining part of the gameplay for me is the ability to jump over objects, hide or crouch behind them, and lean your body from the cover to take shots. There are also some really cool abilities that you can get. There is a small drone that uses strong heat to affect enemies aim and view, and burn them over a short period of time. There is also radar and cloaking abilities for the sniper classes. The game has some really awesome map layouts, cool weapons and abilities, and also has the ability to voice communicate with your teammates.

So far I am liking the game, and will probably continue to play it. It still seems like it could use a few updates to affect the overall playability (hot female gunners please), and it seems to currently only have 3 large maps. The game modes for each level are all pretty similar, and each class character model looks exactly the same (no customization.. just clones). Because of the name this game uses, I have somewhat high hopes for it in the future. It is definitely still fun as it is, and I would highly encourage everyone to check it out! It is definitely worth taking a look at, and it plays wonderfully with little to no lag and no fps problems. Game on!





There is some really amusing… product placement?

Tera: Adventures As An Elin #001

Hello Everyone!

If you haven’t played Tera Rising by En Masse Entertainment, you probably don’t know about the Elin race. Let me introduce you.

I recently started a character of the Elin race on this game, and let me tell you… they are freakin’ adorable. Almost makes you “squee” adorable. Ok, well aside from that, they are one of the most popular races on the game. Whether it is because of furry fetishes, the fact that they look Loli, or the fact that they are just super kawaii, this race has been fawned over by Tera fans since it was released.


I went with a bunny character, because who doesn’t love bunnies? I decided on the class Berserker, because who doesn’t want to see a little bunny girl running around killing things with a giant axe? Speaking of weapons… the combat in this game is very entertaining. It is action combat, which means you actually have to dodge and aim with your attacks. It makes fighting BAMs a lot more entertaining, and more player skill based. The picture above is in the beginner’s area “Island Of Dawn”, and when my little Elin is just starting out. I found myself hopping around, and enjoying the emotes. The dance emote reminds me of a version of “CaramellDansen”. Combat is even more entertaining, with the Elin race being so tiny. The monsters seem to tower over me, and it makes me feel a sense of achievement to take one down.



I am very impressed with the gear in this game so far. The gear is different for each race, and class. I was expecting clunky heavy armor on my tanky Berserker, but instead I get little tiny dresses with scales. Elins definitely seem to have a Lolita touch to them. I’m tempted to buy a maids outfit in the near future. Kehkehkeh. The game is Free To Play, although it was originally Pay To Play. The players decided the game was a bit too grindy to be PTP, and En Masse agreed with them. Now the game is FTP with a nice item shop added in. The vanity items are very fashionable, and worth the purchase if you don’t mind dropping a few bucks on the game. I haven’t noticed anything pay to win about this game, except the small XP boosters and a few buff packs. You can’t buy anything too overpowered, at least not that I have seen. Even without vanity outfits, there are a ton of cool and good looking outfits that you can get from BAMs and other events. You can even keep an item with a style you like, and use it as a template to mold any other item with the stats you like into. This works for most items, not all.


I am really liking the game so far, and the characters are well designed. Each one seems to have their own personality. The quests do seem a bit grindy, but the action combat makes up for it quite a bit. The community has been helpful so far, and Global chat entertaining as usual. I was questing around on Island of Dawn and ran into these two elf players. They looked almost identical, but one was dark and the other light. The outfits looked very dressy and badass at the same time. They both had the word “Prince” in their name. I’m not sure why, but small things like this amuse me. You can be anything you want in the virtual world.


Quite a few quests later, I finally took a Pegasus (yes, a giant flying horse that is used for transportation from one city/town to the next) and escaped the Island Of Dawn. I landed in Velika (the capitol city) and got my first quest to join the ranks, and also one to receive my first mount! I had to quickly fly to another town called Lumbertown. Here, I helped a bunch of refugees, and got my first mount… a horse about 5x bigger than me. Haha. I also decided to tempt the refugees with some… bunny soup?



Well that about sums up how far I am in the game right now. I will definitely be looking forward to the next play session, and hopefully I will have some cool stories to tell! I feel that this game has some promising times in store for me. For any lover of MMORPGS, you should definitely check this game out. Remember, it is Free To Play! Stay tuned for more adventures of Disturbed.Doll the Elin bunny!



Upcoming Game: Black Desert


Hello everyone!

Today I want to mention a game that I know a lot of people are looking forward to.

The title?
Black Desert.

Black Desert is a large scale sandbox MMORPG by Pearl Abyss. It has beautiful graphics, and great looking action combat. You will have the ability to climb, similar to the popular game Assassin’s Creed, but still much more limited. There has been no news whether or not they will be making the system more advanced later on. Currently the game is only available to Koreans, and there has been no update recently on the release date for the United States or Europe.


[Video of updated character creation]

The characters are beautiful. There is no argument that these characters are some of the most stunning we have seen in an MMO. At first, during the Korean Beta test, the character creation tool was very limited. They have released the updated character creation tool options in a recent video. You can tug at the default hair models to make them original, change your height, body weight, eye color (even the style of the iris), and add tattoos. There are still many cons (ignoring the fact that the characters do look great). Some of the classes are gender-locked, meaning some may only be female, and some may be male. Personally this is a big downfall for me. A game this detailed, will hopefully update this in the future. The models also seem limited, so your character won’t be able to look as unique as you might want.

The world is also very beautiful. It is a truly open world where you can climb walls, walk on roofs, or walk on a fence ninja style. The views look amazing, and even the NPCs blend in well with the environment. Are you ready to explore yet? There will be mounts to explore with, and you can also fight from on top of a mount! This is something that isn’t seen very often in MMOs. If you start to feel tired, or need to craft, you can set up a tent in most places. You can also decorate the tent with housing items. Speaking of housing items, there is also a housing system! That is always something that gets people excited. So far the information states that there will be roughly 1-2,000 homes on each server. You can lease them for 3 months, and then they go up for auction again. You can decorate the houses, and use them as a guild headquarters as well.


There is also PVP and Siege combat. In sege combat, you and some NPCs attack a castle and attempt to take it over. You can attack it with some crazy mounts like Elephants, or use guns or cannons. the battle can be as large as 400 vs 400 characters. Sounds like a real battle right? I imagine this is a bit chaotic, but it also sounds really fun. You can close and open the castle gates whenever you please, and even use ladders to climb walls. The winning team gets to control how much tax there will be, and the prices for certain products in some regions. The details on this are not yet known.

I’m definitely interested, and I will be keeping watch on this game. I will post an update post if any exciting news comes about. I would encourage you to check this game out and keep it on your list of possible awesome upcoming games!

That said, I will leave you with some awesome images from the game:




Slash Frag N’ Teabag – The Creation





Hello everyone!

Have you ever woke up one morning (or late afternoon) and randomly had the ambition to do something new? I’m sure everyone has been there at least once. Well I had the great idea to start blogging. This is something I’ve never really been into before, and I’ve never really had a great topic to stick with. Every blog needs to have at least some sort of theme to stick with. At least that was how I felt. I finally realized that there was something that I do quite often, that I really enjoy, and that I always have a lot to say about. Gaming. Video games, MMO games, RPG, FPS… all of them!

Thus, this blog was started.

Let me introduce myself. I am a club goer, music and art lover, aspiring photographer, crazy drunk, who likes to play a lot of games. When I’m not playing games, my chill out activities include watching a lot of anime and browsing public forums. When I am playing video games, expect this chic to cuss you out (and maybe your mom too), teabag your corpse, laugh when you get thrown across the area by a giant BAM (and then maybe resurrect you… maybe), and for some reason find all the weirdest glitches that include falling through the world or watching an NPC have a complete spazz attack.

I will be posting game reviews, rant posts, gaming news, and some interesting stories about my experiences in some of the games I play.