Upcoming Game: Black Desert


Hello everyone!

Today I want to mention a game that I know a lot of people are looking forward to.

The title?
Black Desert.

Black Desert is a large scale sandbox MMORPG by Pearl Abyss. It has beautiful graphics, and great looking action combat. You will have the ability to climb, similar to the popular game Assassin’s Creed, but still much more limited. There has been no news whether or not they will be making the system more advanced later on. Currently the game is only available to Koreans, and there has been no update recently on the release date for the United States or Europe.


[Video of updated character creation]

The characters are beautiful. There is no argument that these characters are some of the most stunning we have seen in an MMO. At first, during the Korean Beta test, the character creation tool was very limited. They have released the updated character creation tool options in a recent video. You can tug at the default hair models to make them original, change your height, body weight, eye color (even the style of the iris), and add tattoos. There are still many cons (ignoring the fact that the characters do look great). Some of the classes are gender-locked, meaning some may only be female, and some may be male. Personally this is a big downfall for me. A game this detailed, will hopefully update this in the future. The models also seem limited, so your character won’t be able to look as unique as you might want.

The world is also very beautiful. It is a truly open world where you can climb walls, walk on roofs, or walk on a fence ninja style. The views look amazing, and even the NPCs blend in well with the environment. Are you ready to explore yet? There will be mounts to explore with, and you can also fight from on top of a mount! This is something that isn’t seen very often in MMOs. If you start to feel tired, or need to craft, you can set up a tent in most places. You can also decorate the tent with housing items. Speaking of housing items, there is also a housing system! That is always something that gets people excited. So far the information states that there will be roughly 1-2,000 homes on each server. You can lease them for 3 months, and then they go up for auction again. You can decorate the houses, and use them as a guild headquarters as well.


There is also PVP and Siege combat. In sege combat, you and some NPCs attack a castle and attempt to take it over. You can attack it with some crazy mounts like Elephants, or use guns or cannons. the battle can be as large as 400 vs 400 characters. Sounds like a real battle right? I imagine this is a bit chaotic, but it also sounds really fun. You can close and open the castle gates whenever you please, and even use ladders to climb walls. The winning team gets to control how much tax there will be, and the prices for certain products in some regions. The details on this are not yet known.

I’m definitely interested, and I will be keeping watch on this game. I will post an update post if any exciting news comes about. I would encourage you to check this game out and keep it on your list of possible awesome upcoming games!

That said, I will leave you with some awesome images from the game:




One thought on “Upcoming Game: Black Desert

  1. I’ve seen some videos of the Beta of this game.
    It looks really good so far.

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