GameView: Ghost Recon Phantoms


Hello everyone!

Today I would like to mention a game that I recently started playing. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Phantoms. This is an online addition in the style of the original games.

My first impression was that the game has a very friendly User Interface. It is easy to navigate, and very modern and attractive. The interface reminded me of the old game Bullet Run, and some new games like Hawken and GunZ 2. The next thing I noticed was the shop. A lot of stuff has to be purchased with their secondary currency called Ghost Coins, but there is still a lot of gear that can be purchased with their in-game money. Most of the customization items don’t seem available unless you spend money. I haven’t gained enough levels yet to find out if you can earn them as rewards. There are also some items that seem to only last 30 game sessions, which means you must purchase them again if you want to continue using them. Most of the weapons and gear seem to be permanent, which is a huge plus. Who wants to earn all that money from matches, just to have to spend it on an item you had already purchased before?



I got my character decked out. I chose the Recon class, because I really enjoy using long-distance weapons and sniper rifles (Yeah, I’m that annoying bitch that headshots you from some obscure hiding place). I was able to buy an upgrade for my weapon and armor right off the bat. You start out with 12k of the in-game money. The main complaint I have about character customization, and this is a big one… YOU CAN ONLY BE MALE. There, I said it. This is one of the biggest pet peeves I have. Apparently no female can ever shoot a gun and hit anything. Sexism in games bugs the shit out of me. How are you supposed to connect with your character? Okay, that rant is done. Here is the second complaint I have… you can only buy head gear with purchased currency (Ghost Coins)! Okay, I know this isn’t Team Fortress 2, but who doesn’t like to have an awesome hat. It really adds personality to your character. Hats are life.


Moving past the character customization, we have the gameplay. I hit the Quick Play button, and allowed the game to begin searching for matches for me. There was a chat room where you could dink around while waiting for the match to start. After joining the match, you can re-choose your class before entering. Each class levels up separately. Upon joining the match, I was very impressed with the maps. They are laid out beautifully, and the art is amazing. It has a really awesome, futuristic atmosphere. The game is a Third Person Shooter. Most people are used to First Person when it comes to an online shooter. It didn’t take me long to get comfortable, though. What really impressed me is the ability to track the direction of your teammates (green lines from body to body, and blue lines on the ground tracking where teammates have recently passed through)! This was a really awesome and unique addition. The mini-map is also amazing, and gives you a 3D view of the layout.




The combat also felt really good to me. The guns handle mostly realistically, and there are many types of each gun that all have different effects on how you can play. My first gun had a really bad recoil, but great damage, while the second one was easy to aim, but had a slower firing rate. The most entertaining part of the gameplay for me is the ability to jump over objects, hide or crouch behind them, and lean your body from the cover to take shots. There are also some really cool abilities that you can get. There is a small drone that uses strong heat to affect enemies aim and view, and burn them over a short period of time. There is also radar and cloaking abilities for the sniper classes. The game has some really awesome map layouts, cool weapons and abilities, and also has the ability to voice communicate with your teammates.

So far I am liking the game, and will probably continue to play it. It still seems like it could use a few updates to affect the overall playability (hot female gunners please), and it seems to currently only have 3 large maps. The game modes for each level are all pretty similar, and each class character model looks exactly the same (no customization.. just clones). Because of the name this game uses, I have somewhat high hopes for it in the future. It is definitely still fun as it is, and I would highly encourage everyone to check it out! It is definitely worth taking a look at, and it plays wonderfully with little to no lag and no fps problems. Game on!





There is some really amusing… product placement?

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  1. Cool. I want to play this.

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