Tera: Adventures As An Elin #002

Hello everyone!

This is a short update on my cute adventures as a little bunny Elin. I recently logged in to grind a bit, and complete some more low level quests. There wasn’t much interesting to talk about, except for the fact that it was… Easter! (Yeah, I know, I’m a bit late with this post. Gomenasai. T^T ) You know what Easter means in the world of MMOs? Lots of cute Easter themed rewards, new baddies, and… bunnies! Wait… why am I excited about the bunnies? I almost forgot… I am one. There were new “egg thief” monsters in the game which, when killed, dropped eggs. (who would have guessed?) You can crack these eggs open in your inventory to receive special items. I just ended up getting some special bills (see later in post for a description) and a pair of bunny ears. Bunny ears… Totally useless. Those eggs should have known that I already had a pair attached to my scull. *laughs*

Apparently I wasn’t the only bunny enjoying the festivities. I met up with some other Bunny Elins, and we had a fun time dancing and killing things together. Something about that doesn’t seem very bunny-like…



Cuteness overload, right? Now that you’ve gotten your daily dose of bunny, I would like to mention some cool things about the game I’ve noticed recently. Their reward system. Not necessarily rewards for grinding until you pass out on your keyboard. No, En Masse Entertainment rewards you for simply logging in. Every time you log in, you will receive a message that includes some items called Federation Bills. You can spend these bills at a special merchant found in the towns. you can spend them on useful items, or fun dress-up items. You can even save them to get some really cool armor. The bills are easy to get, and it doesn’t cost much to buy yourself a cowboy hat or a funny emote mask. (Click the images to make them larger! But, you already knew that right? Righhhht?)



Another reward I want to mention is a small present item called a “Weapon Crate” that you get in your inventory. You can open it every 5-10 levels or so.  The present gives you some cool boost items, and apparently a really powerful weapon for your level.


Speaking of powerful weapons…  when you turn level 16, you get a quest for something called your “Avatar Weapon”. This is a special weapon that requires you to collect shards from around the world in order to create it. After acquiring it, you can enchant it up to +9. That’s a lot, considering it’s base stats. Look at those stats. So far it seems that the weapons you get from the Weapon Crates will be the weapons that you use until you get your Avatar Weapons, because they are the strongest you can get. Once you get higher level, you can probably craft some cool weapons, or buy crafted weapons though. I’m not entirely sure.


Well, thanks for listening to my Elin rants again. I hope I will have some really interesting experiences to share with you by next time! Until then, keep living life, one level at a time! (With the occasional buff.)

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