Gameview: WildStar (Beta)

Hello everyone!

This week my game of choice is WildStar, a science fiction fantasy MMO from Carbine Studios. The game is currently in Open Beta, and even though it is in Beta, it seems pretty polished.

The first impression most people might get from WildStar is that it seems kind of like World Of Warcraft… ok, a lot like World Of Warcraft. And, truth be told, the graphics and questing really do make it feel like an expansion to WoW (Or Ratchet and Clank?). The rumors are that a lot of ex Blizzard employees have taken up jobs at Carbine. That would definitely explain a lot. Putting comparisons aside, the game actually has a lot of its own personality. Once you get into it and actually start playing, you realize that the game is really just it’s own. The graphics and characters are definitely likeable, and I actually found myself paying attention to the storyline. There is a lot of lore to collect in the game as well. The character creation offers a lot of options, sliders, and varies from race to race. This is another one of those games that furry lovers will like. There are a lot of options to play characters with ears, tails, and… robot parts?



The first thing I want to mention is the User Interface. It is really intuitive and good looking. It’s pretty easy to find what you’re looking for, and the menus are easy to navigate. The quest tracker could use a little work, but it gets the job done. Speaking of quests. Do you know that annoying feeling of running back and forth to turn in quests. You run all the way across the map to kill something or talk to someone, and then find out you have to run all the way back to turn it in. This is time consuming and frustrating. Well you won’t be doing much of that in WildStar. You can use your Holocall to accept and turn in (most) quests remotely, which is basically like a high tech cell phone to communicate with the NPCs. I actually squealed in delight when I saw this feature come into use.


The world of WildStar truly feels alive. The environment is filled with moving plants and animals, and a lot of stuff is interact-able. There are natural hazards, and places to jump up to. Sometimes you even get the ability to have enhanced jumping, which allows you to reach heights you wouldn’t normally be able to reach and discover new things. The NPCs interact with each other, and have their own conversations. With the default settings, I noticed it was hard for me to even tell the NPCs and players apart, considering that there are no names above the players heads. The game also does a good job of making you feel like you have a reason to be there. I originally chose the Path called Settler, and it allowed me to collect resources and build helpful items for players. It also allowed me to fix broken things throughout the cities and towns, and make the area look more like home. It made me feel useful and needed. There are a lot of things that only certain paths can do, and interact with.



I haven’t gotten very far into the game yet, but I wanted to give my first impressions. So far the questing feels pretty much the same as most other games. There are some interesting quests that involve jumping puzzles and such, but that’s about it. And the Use of remote quests pickups and turn-ins is a pretty cool addition. I’m liking the characters, classes, battle system, and personality of the game. Depending on which side you choose, the storyline of the game is actually a bit different. I’m looking forward to checking out the housing, and the battle arenas. The player housing is a big selling point for the game, and from what I’ve seen, you get a pretty nice piece of land to build on. I might just have to post an update on this game in the near future. I highly encourage you to take advantage of the open beta that ends on the 18th!

Until next time!




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