Gameview: One Tap Quest

Hello everyone!

It’s after midnight here, and I stumble across a curious link. I click it, and almost half an hour later, realize that it was worth something.

Let me introduce you to One Tap Quest!


You only get one move (one click), to decide your fate. You have to collect power-ups and companions along your (short) journey to defeat the stronger monsters. If you get defeated, you don’t keep any items or levels. It’s a mini rogue-like game. Not quite Realm Of The Mad God, but has a similar charm to it. Don’t take the game lightly, there is some sort of brainwashing technique going on here that will keep you playing for hours if nothing manages to distract you. Or, maybe it’s just really fun. Or, both. Either way, you should definitely check the game out, and lose an hour or so of your life trying to beat your own high score. Just don’t get attached to your little hero, he’s gunna die… probably a lot.


My highest score so far… and maybe I’ll play it again to try and get a higher one. Maybe… probably… I need to know their secret (to keep you coming back here… muehehehe…*cough*)


One thought on “Gameview: One Tap Quest

  1. Slightly addicting

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