GameView: Formula Force Racing

Hello Everyone!

I just recently got into mobile gaming, which is only growing in popularity. I started out with a few MMOs and, although it took a little getting used to the controls, I really enjoyed it. Today I was directed to a game called Formula Force Racing, an entertaining global racing game released by The Pixel Bullies.


The first thing I noticed is that the game has some really cool areas and tracks to race on. The tracks are fun, and full of details. You can race all over the world, and experience the unique sights that each place has to offer. The countries include a variation from Canada, to Japan, to Abu Dhabi. You can unlock some other tracks such as Las Vegas and Salzburg as well.


(Here are some of the cars that you can unlock)

Screenshot_2014-07-31-15-24-20Screenshot_2014-07-31-15-24-01 Screenshot_2014-07-31-15-24-31




You start out with three cars to choose from (including an interesting choice – the RG Design MPU), but there are a lot of new cars and customization options that you can unlock for a really reasonable price (currently $1.02). You can buy paint jobs for the starter cars with money earned from previous races. There are different types of cars, and each one handles differently. The actual racing is entertaining and can give you a good laugh sometimes. The tracks have some fun curves and and tunnels, and occasionally you can’t help but to bump into other cars, sometimes causing a crash that can send the cars all kinds of directions. I played around a little bit, and kept trying to drive the other cars off of the track. This will sometimes work in your favor, or it might just crash you instead. The tunnels are the most fun because you can get away with driving on the sides of the walls (maybe even upside-down) and this makes your feel like a total bad-ass, especially when you’re passing cars in the process. The tracks have some really neat designs that keep you from getting bored.


The controls in this game are really comfortable, and easy to get used to. Look at me, I was able to stay on the road while taking screenshots… *brag brag brag*. Anyways, the user interface feels really good, and is easy to navigate. If you want a real challenge, you can even change the settings to use tilt controls, and turn your phone into the steering wheel. This definitely adds a little more interaction to the game. There is no minimap, and the racing is fast-paced and intense. You always have to keep your eye on the road, and be ready for all of the sharp banks that they throw at you. I love how unpredictable the outcome is. You can be in first place one second, and then a car will speed behind you, slam into you, cause you to roll, and leave you in the dust.  Even after all of this, you can take advantage of the straights to get to super high speeds, and usually manage to catch up to the other cars.


I highly encourage everyone to check this game out, especially if you have been looking for a good mobile racing game. It was made by the same team members that did MotorStorm, F1, Wipeout, and Blur. It has a Time Trial mode, four championships, as well as a Single Player mode that you can play. If you grab a copy, make sure to play some less serious races so that you can enjoy the great environment art, and design. The areas are super cool, and make you want to jump out of your car and explore them.

You can follow The Pixel Bullies on Twitter @ThePixelBullies

Have fun!

3 thoughts on “GameView: Formula Force Racing

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  2. thanks for the review – I’m sorry I’ve just found it 🙂 Andy – The Pixel Bullies

  3. im sorry i didn’t find this game fun at all here’s a list.

    The A.I is shockingly terrible, the controls can be unresponsive at time but that really doesn’t seem to matter because winning in this game is to easy give an example i was bored so i was playing one handed while watching tv went to look at my phone and i won -_-. the game also false advertising it boost that theses cars can defy gravity and drive on the ceiling i even read other reviews to confirm this but when i unlock the most powerful cars and not even be able to accomplish this let alone wall ride sometimes it works over times it doesn’t but ceiling ride nope impossible, i later discovered that the creator payed people to give his game a positive review which clearly didn’t really help there sales seeing as the game is now free and at one point on their facebook page asked people how could they make the game better should they add weapons -_- you know a game has failed when they try to change the gameplay. anyway the only positive note is the graphics and art especially the environment however the design of the cars are well for some of the cars stupid plus their just real world counter parts just slightly changed for obvious copyright infringement but if your gonna do that make it so all the cars actually look fast enough to defy gravity a mini cooper destroys that illusion.

    what really upsets me though this game was made by the people of wipeout and for them to make this should be ashamed theres people out there with no real studio experience and they make better crap than this

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