FFXIV: ARR – Housing

Hello Everyone!

I have been playing FFXIV: ARR since Beta, and the re-release of the original FFXIV has come a long way since its beginning. I will probably write about a lot of the new features later on, and there are a lot of them to cover. Today, however, I would like to talk about one of the more awesome additions to the game… Housing!


Housing in ARR is something that Free Companies can buy to create an area where its members can meet up. Players can change many settings including who can enter your estate, who can decorate, and who can change the name and description of your estate. The housing comes in three sizes (small, medium, and large) and is located in three different areas (The Mist, Lavender Beds, and The Goblet). Each area has its own unique feel and style of housing. Players can purchase a plot of land once their Free Company reaches rank 6. Currently the price for a plot of land ranges from about 4 million Gil for a small house, to 40 million Gil for a large house. These are the prices for large servers like Hyperion, and the prices range from server to ward. Players also have to pay 450,000 gil for a building permit to place their house on the land.


Not only can a FC (Free Company) purchase a house, but a recent addition to the game allows its members to purchase their own private chambers within the house – for 300,000 Gil. They can decorate their private housing however they want to, as well as changing the name and greeting.


There are a few perks to owning a house in ARR. Players can have a place to really call their own within the game, and a place for FC meetings and parties. There are also some really cool features such as Chocobo Raising, planting your own garden, and the added bonuses that some pieces of furniture give. Certain furnishings can give your disciple of the hand a nice bonus to their Crafting Points, given that they are under level 40. A summoning bell to call retainers (NPCs that work as extra inventory space, sell your items on market, and go on small quests for items) can be placed inside the house. A FC chest, which allows shared access, can be placed, as well as NPC vendors, and repair NPCs that can only be used by members of that FC. An aetheryte (a crystal used for teleporting the player) can also be placed, which allows FC members to quickly and cheaply reach the house.




The decorating of a house is really easy, and the mechanics are really smooth. It’s almost like FF Minecraft *lol*. It mostly consists clicking and dragging items, as well as rotating them. If a player is not happy with having an empty feeling square room, they can add their own walls in, and create their own rooms. I’m extremely happy with the tools used for decorating.


There are many new features in store for housing, including a place to build airships, a way to change the music in your house, and probably a lot of new furniture. It’s a big goal to have if you are just starting out, or in a small company, but I would say it is worth the effort. I will definitely post an update when the new features come out!

Until next time – Game On!

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