FFXIV: ARR – No Place Like Home

Hello Everyone!

I recently made a post about the Housing in FFXIV: A Realm Reborn, and if you read the post, you probably realized that housing is quite expensive. It ranges from about 4 million Gil for a small house, to 40 million Gil for a large house. Do the features make up for the price? Let’s find out.

Here is the original post, if you missed it!


I’m writing this as a member of a two person Free Company in ARR (A Realm Reborn). The other member and I decided we wanted to try buying our own house, after our Free Company had finally made it to Rank 6. We checked the market, and noticed that the cheapest possible house was about 4 million Gil. That didn’t even include the 450,000 Gil needed to actually build your Estate Hall.

[ Here is a look at some of the prices for the larger sizes, and how many homes were already purchased. ]


We started to think of what the best way to make Gil was, and agreed that crafting items to sell would be a good choice, considering we both had level 50 crafting classes. I was surprised that crafting Glamour Prisms (items used to give one item the appearance of another item, or a vanity system to be specific) was the main form of income for us. They were easy to craft, the ingredients cost barely anything (especially if you gather them instead of purchase them), and the prisms sell for about 3,000 Gil to 6,000 Gil a piece, depending on the market that day. So a lot of my in-game time was spent crafting. At least there are some really nice places to relax and craft in the game. Check out this vista!


It took about two weeks to finally save up enough to purchase a plot of land, and we snatched up the one affordable plot left. It was hanging out in the 4th ward for awhile, just waiting for someone to buy it. There were people waiting around the empty plot, and they seemed to have been there on and off for awhile. I’m not sure if they were saving up to buy the land themselves, or if they were waiting to see who purchased it, but we got congratulations from a few of them when we made the final purchase. The house we purchased was a Small size, and perfect for two people. The process of actually making the purchase was really exciting!


The next day or two was spent crafting more prisms, and selling off items we didn’t need, so that we could actually buy the building permit to start placing our house. During this time, our neighbors stopped by a few times. A few of them seemed quite surprised that a two person FC (Free Company) had managed to purchase their own house. One person mentioned that they had a 22 person FC, and still couldn’t save enough Gil for a plot of land. When I checked out our neighbors homes, I realized that I actually recognized a few of the FC names. Some of their placards were really entertaining as well.


Having a house has been extremely beneficial and fun, so far. There are a decent amount of items to decorate your house with, inside and outside. You can even change the roof and walls to have a different style. You can place an Aetheryte item that allows members of the FC to teleport to the gate of your house (for a cheap price). You can also place a guild bank, merchant and mender NPCs, and furniture that gives your Disciple of the Hand a nice bonus. There is the option to buy Private Chambers if you are a member of the FC. You can name the chambers, and decorate them however you please. Although, this costs the player another 300,000 Gil. I have yet to purchase my own room, since it’s taking up enough energy trying to clutter the two floors of our house right now.


One of my favorite parts of the housing so far, is the ability to plant a garden and raise Chocobos in your Chocobo stable. You can plant a variety of different seeds in your garden, and you have to water them and fertilize them often to help them grow. The Chocobo raising lets you train your Chocobo’s abilities, and reward them with certain foods. Each food has a different effect on your Chocobo’s stats (and apparently color). You also have to keep the stable clean by using a special broom item, and the quality can go from bad, to fair, to good. If you get it up to the good status, you are awarded with a nice sparkle effect on your stable. Don’t stare too long. The brooms seem to be selling for about 20,000 Gil, so it can actually be quite expensive to keep the choco poop from building up. Maybe we can sell that too?




All in all, I can say that having a house presents you with a nice relaxing place to craft and hang out. The tools used for decorating it are very simple, and there are enough items to give your place a unique look. You will notice neighbors hanging out in their yards, and sometimes this presents a nice chance to socialize and make friends. Don’t worry, if you prefer to keep the crazies out, you can change the settings on your door. There are more features to come, such as an area to build your own airship, a market board item that can be placed on your property, and the ability to change the music that plays inside your house. I look forward to any new additions, and I’m sure they can only make the housing even more great!



[ The roof is also an awesome place to watch fireworks from! I think our neighbor had the same idea… lol ]


Until next time, Game Hard!

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