Minecraft: A Mineful Community

Hello Everyone!

Today I just wanted to write a short post about my recent experiences with Minecraft. I love relaxing and playing Minecraft on single player. You can build what you want without worry of opinion or griefing, and you can play at your own pace. I’ve been on a few public servers, and I just wasn’t feeling it. There was either too many players on to keep track of, or barely any people on to talk to, so I pretty much just gave up. After I gained a little more confidence in my building skills, I decided to join some of my friends on a server that they were building a town on. There were rules, and permissions that kept the town safe from unwanted visitors, and the community seemed pretty nice. There weren’t always a lot of people on, but there seemed to be mostly cool people on the server. Having a group of people all working on one town is a pretty awesome experience.


After getting comfortable on one server, I decided to check out another. I jumped into a world where you start at a builder status and move up in the ranks, allowing you to build in more parts of the world. I was immediately greeted upon logging in, and people started conversations with me and shared advice for my builds. I felt extremely welcome on the server, and the admins and higher ups always kept a watch on what was going on. Everyone treated each other equally, including different ranks.


Whenever I needed help, someone was there to assist me. I had never had such a good experience on a Minecraft server, and it really changed my opinion. A good community is something a lot of games are lacking these days. It’s hard to keep all the poisonous people out, considering they can play the nice guy act for awhile, and then suddenly turn on you or your server. I believe a game like Minecraft can really benefit from good communities. It can make creating large builds easier, with lots of cooperation. It can make the game, and towns in the game, more immersive. The feeling of logging in, and having people that you can call friends, and being able to chill out and have quality time is priceless.


Sometimes we forget that those little pixel people, are still people. It’s like going to a masquerade – you can act like a totally different person when no one knows who you truly are, and you can treat people differently because they won’t know. You can leave and come back in a different outfit and mask, and start off totally differently, and no one suspects a thing. Having a “mindful community” in Minecraft makes the game a whole new experience, and can remove some of those masks. I remember the moment I ranked up on the server, I was congratulated and people started conversations with me out of curiosity. I logged in the next day, and people who remembered me were congratulating me. It made me want to come back and build connections with these people.


Friends, family, neighbors? It can be the same as real life, if you can build a community of people who look behind the masks. Don’t get me wrong, role-playing a character with a different personality is fun, but sometimes treating people how you would in real life makes it easier to build relationships. I’m going to check out a few different servers, and give them a chance. I hope to find more wonderful communities out there.


Honorable mention servers:

Pwego-Insomnia and Shaboozey


Until next time…

Game hard!



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