Landmark: Underneath It all

Hello Everyone!

So I was playing Landmark (Beta) over the weekend, and I ended up having a strange question come to mind. How deep does the world actually go, and what’s underneath it all?

Landmark is a game that involves mining resources, and building stuff. That’s the simplest way to put it. I realized that some players had dug extremely deep squares of the earth out on their claims (player owned plots of land), but the claims have a limited height and depth that you can build or dig.

**You can apply for Beta or check the page out by clicking this image. You can also get Early Access on Steam for this game.**

I decided it was time for an adventure. I needed and answer to my question, and I was going to get it no matter what. So I grabbed my Founder’s Pickaxe, and started digging. I dug a small tunnel straight down into the earth. I was really disappointed that as I got further down, the layers never changed. Maybe I’m just too used to Minecraft. The entire trip, I was stuck looking at brown dirt. Not much sightseeing on this trip. Although, I did get a few rare items out of the dirt. I even got a Legendary crafting item. But, mostly I got dirt. Lots and lots of dirt. 184,671 dirt, to be exact.



After digging for what must have been an hour (I didn’t time the trip, which I probably should have) the air started looking foggy and had a slight green tint to it. This encourage me to keep digging, even though I was nearly at the point of giving up. I had seen too much dirt at this point, and figured I would start dreaming about dirt if I went any further. I kept digging, and the fog kept getting thicker. Finally I reached a point where the fog was so thick that I couldn’t see my character. I couldn’t even see where to dig. I knew this was probably as far I would get. The whole trip had taken more than an hour.





I will admit, I was hoping for something more exciting. Maybe an underworld with scary monsters, and lava, and giant spires of doom? Maybe just falling into nothing and watching the world above me get further and further away until I’m either brutally murdered by darkness or forced to respawn to safety? Ok… maybe I’ve been playing too much Minecraft.


Until next time,

Game Hard!

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