Nerdy News: Maker Faire 2014

Hello everyone!

Over the weekend I got the chance to visit the Maker Faire – An event to show off robots, 3D printers, electronics, and other technological creations. It was also a chance for the creators to talk about their skills and advancements, as well as their future plans.

I checked out all of the 3D printing tents. There was a lot of competition because there were so many different types and brands of printers for sale. Each tent had items being printed off for demonstration. It was really cool to watch, and got me excited for how the printers might be implemented in the near future. There were figurines, vases, bottles, game pieces, and many other cool items being printed. The printing process takes a decent amount of time, but the cost seems to be less than what you buy most of the items for online. One of the companies were offering custom printed fashion dolls, with pieces that you can pop together yourself. Easy to assemble, and for a price of 15-25$. For a custom doll, which is completely pose-able, and larger than a Barbie doll, I think it’s a pretty awesome grab. Speaking of awesome grabs, I managed to get myself a little 3D printed octopus… for free!



You can see the lines of each layer. Depending on the printer, or the material used, certain items are smoother than others. What I was really interested in was the ability to 3D print clothes and shoes. There were some awesome examples of this, and the pieces really had a custom look to them. Besides the 3D printing, I also got to meet some really cool new robots. One example is the InMoov, a completely 3D printed robot, that is also open source. I was able to watch it tell a person to come closer so that it could hear them, and then shake hands with them. There was also one that was connected through an Oculus Rift. You could put the Oculus on and see through the robots eyes, and it would move its head as you moved yours. A pretty cool experience!

Speaking of Oculus Rift, there was some gaming going on using the virtual reality headset. One of the stations even had a moving platform under the players feet, to make it feel more interactive. There is still a lot of development to be done with these headsets, but I believe it’s a crucial step forward in awesome virtual reality gaming. This event was a great way to see all of the people who want to keep our future moving forward, and inspire the creation of innovative and just plain cool creations. There was so much stuff to see, that I can’t even sum it up in one blog post. I’ll definitely post some of the videos on my upcoming Youtube channel (yes, Slash Frag N’ Teabag is going to have a YouTube channel!!)

You will be able to check it out HERE!  It will also include playthroughs, reviews, and other fun stuff!

And here are some pictures from the event. Enjoy!

( 3D Printed Headphones)


( 3D Printed Dress )


( 3D Printed Robot Figure)


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