FFXIV: ARR – Dreams Of Ice

Hello everyone!

So the new 2.4 patch “Dreams Of Ice” is going to be available tomorrow! You know what that means? It mean rogues and ninjas, new dungeons, new items, and of course – Hildibrand! I’m definitely looking forward to checking the new class and job out. I’m sure a lot of other people will be joining me. I mean, who doesn’t want to be a ninja? I admit that I’m a bit worried about how annoying the rogue might possibly be to fight in PvP, but I guess I will just have to play a few rounds to find out. Speaking of PvP, they seem to be adjusting some stuff, as well as adding some new skills and armor. I feel like they needed to make a few adjustments to balance out the PvP gameplay. The PvP items have always been pretty cool.

There is the new dungeon, Snowcloak, which looks like it will be a lot of fun. I was wondering if they would make a snowy dungeon, so I’m quite happy now. And let us not fail to mention, The Final Turn of Coil! I’m pretty sure it’s going to be even more rough than the last few turns. I haven’t experienced the brutality yet, but I plan to in the future. One more mention is the new Trial, The Akh Afah Amphitheatre, in which you get to fight a sexy baddie who I’m only assuming is Shiva.

I’ve really enjoyed my time playing FFXIV: ARR, so I always get excited when they come out with a new patch. I’m sure I’ll have more to talk about when it actually comes out tomorrow. If you haven’t checked this game out, I suggest you at least give it a try. It’s way better than its original predecessor, and the community is pretty awesome. They are always adding new content. There is a big patch coming up the beginning of next year which will introduce a new race, airships, and some other cool stuff.

Until next time – Game Hard!!

Spotlight: Humble Flash Bundle

Hello everyone!

Humble Bundle has another really cool deal going on right now, and it’s under their new Flash Bundle tab!

This bundle not only includes some entertaining games ( pay $6.00 or more to get SpeedRunners, King Arthur’s gold, and even the entire You Don’t Know Jack collection ), but it also has some codes that will let you get a taste of Reddit Gold, or Twitch Turbo membership. Spend a lot of time on Reddit? Want to get rid of annoying ads on Twitch? Pay what you want, and you can have both, while also supporting Children’s Miracle Network hospitals. I mean, c’mon, do you want a cherry on top? Maybe some cool whip? This offer is basically free, and it’s $165.00 worth of free.

So… go on! Check it out!

Upcoming Game: Subnautica

Hello everyone!

I have been following development of a really interesting game for awhile now. The game is called Subnautica, and it is an open world exploration and adventure game. Here is the cool part… It’s underwater! The game is being created by Unknown Worlds, a small and talented development team.

If you love the idea of getting stranded on a strange planet that is completely covered by water, unsure of what lies beneath the surface, and having to explore the depths to collect metals and resources to stay alive, then you will definitely want to check this game out. The world is full of interesting plants and creatures, and really awesome areas that will definitely have to be explored. Who knows what dangers and adventures await. You can explore in a submarine, or you can venture into the depths with just you and your flippers. Don’t get too lost, though, this is an alien planet after all.

If you are curious about the game, Unknown Worlds actually posts their development progress openly. You can check out their current tasks, and newest creations on their Trello page. This is something really cool, that not a lot of companies do. It’s also really fun to just look at.

Subnautica Trello

I’m really excited for this game! I absolutely love the feeling of being underwater, and have been wanting a game that incorporates those feelings for awhile now. If you like games where exploration plays a big part, then check this one out. The release date hasn’t been posted publicly yet, but I can tell you it won’t be too much longer now. So, bookmark the game, add it to your wishlist on Steam, or just check out the website!

Spotlight: Humble Mozilla Bundle

Hello Everyone!

This week we have the Humble Mozilla Bundle in the spotlight!

The bundle was put together by the popular web browser Mozilla Firefox, and featured on the Humble Bundle website. The website lets you “pay what you want” to unlock interesting and popular titles. You can install them on your computer, or get a Steam key. The Mozilla bundle includes some fun Indie games that you can play right from your browser! They are definitely worth checking out.

For most of you who have Mozilla Firefox installed on your computer, you might have noticed a voxel version of the Firefox logo on the start-up page. The logo is actually a playable game, and it is a Mozilla Firefox version of one of the featured games, Voxatron, which you can get in the bundle.

Until next time – Game Hard!