Spotlight: 7 Days To Die

Hello Everyone!

Lately I have been really addicted to a game. I forgot how to sleep, and I forgot which world was my real home. Enter, 7 Days To Die, a zombie survival game by The Fun Pimps.

“7 Days to Die is an open world, voxel-based, sandbox game that is a unique mix of First Person Shooter, Survival Horror, Tower Defense and Role Playing Games combining combat, crafting, looting, mining, exploration, and character growth.”

This is the description provided on the website, and after playing for hours on end, I am not disappointed. The only word missing in this description is “brutal”. I had recently bought DayZ, and was going to write about my adventures in its zombie-infested… or should I say mostly player-infested world. My first experience with DayZ was a little bumpy. I spent most of it freezing to death, and then zombies ghosted through the door of the house I was hiding in and ate my brains out. Seriously, some realistic shit there. Oh, you thought I was being serious?

A few days later, I bought 7DTD (you know what that stands for, right? Look at the damn title)


I had heard a little about 7DTD, and a fellow gamer was excited and wanted to play it with me. I tried the game with just him and I first, and we spent our few nights alive hiding inside creepy run-down buildings, scavenging for for food and water, attempting to keep the door blocked off, and listening to the sound of a hundred or more zombies creeping around outside. Whenever the sun started rising, we would venture out into the world. We died a lot. At least the zombies don’t know how to ghost through doors in this game. Actually, you can see the door taking damage and getting destroyed as zombies slowly tear away at the thin piece of protection between you and them.



The world in 7DTD is extremely beautiful. There are many different biomes, and each one has different stuff to offer. You can survive in any of the biomes if you are good at scavenging (and avoiding zombies). Once we got used to everything, we decided to try out a public server. I was super worried about the pvp aspect of the game, and chose a server that said pvp and griefing wasn’t allowed. You can still kill other players on these servers, but you will most likely get banned for it. As soon as we joined the server, we ran into our first group. We were a bit nervous, but after asking if we could tag along with them, it ended up being a really cool experience. They proceeded to supply us with potatoes, tea, and gear as we followed them around. After doing some scavenging, we headed back to their area, and were surprised to find they had a few buildings built up, and some farm-land.


With their permission, we started building our own place. Before constructing, you have to chop down trees with an axe, and mine rocks. I started feeling myself getting drawn into the game. The people who shared their property with us helped give us a sense of a community. They even helped us build our first house, and plant stuff on our farm. While we were building, and making noise, zombies tried to infest our little village. There were enough of us that we were able to keep them from getting too close. With all of us building, we managed to get a pretty nice looking area.



In 7DTD, the more noise you make, and the more fires you have going, the more likely you are to get a horde of zombies. There was a point when we made a decent amount of noise, and sure enough, the sounds of zombies started coming from the tree line. A lot of zombies…


The game is most fun when you are trying your hardest to survive a horde of zombies, while trying to protect your buildings and hard work. You also have to worry about eating, drinking, keeping your health up, and taking medicine when you are hurt or infected. The water is usually murky and can make you sick, so you have to boil it over a fire, and some food can give you food poisoning. You can also get broken legs, so you have to be careful where you jump from. A broken leg can slow you down a lot, and put you in more danger. This game has the strongest sense of survival I have ever felt in a game. On top of that, it seems to also have a very supportive community, which most games are lacking nowadays. As long as you respect their property, you are usually welcome to stay the night at someones house, or receive a little food from them. The first group I ever met up with have become my regular playing buddies, and my friends. You can play the game seriously, or you can choose to just mess around and have some fun. There is a lot to do, and you can build whatever you want to. Just remember to protect it from the zombies.

The game is still in Alpha, but it is constantly getting updated. There are a few bugs, but none of them have felt game-breaking. The trailer is for Alpha 8, but the game is currently in Alpha ten and is really far along.


2014-11-23_00022 2014-11-24_00004

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Spotlight: Reflex | Arena FPS Done Right


Hello everyone!

This week I’m going to have to give the spotlight to Reflex! Reflex is a competitive Arena FPS. The game is still in the prototype stage, but the gameplay is actually pretty awesome. It feels really good to jump around and shoot the weapons that are currently in game. You can even ramp jump – whoohoo! They plan to update the game regularly, and I’m sure it’s going to end up being a pretty amazing arena shooter!


What I really want to talk about is the map creation tool that comes packaged with the game. It’s like hidden gold. The editor is simple and fun, and is almost like a game within itself. You can edit the maps in real time with click-and-drag mechanics. A total newbie to level editing could enjoy these tools. Oh wait, that’s me. I’ve never made a map for a game before… well maybe a few times in RPG maker, but that doesn’t really count, right? I was able to look up a few commands on their forums, and sit down and make an actual playable level. I got so sucked in, that I spent almost 6 hours just playing with the tools. Here is the coolest part… the level editing tools are multiplayer! Yep, you heard me right! You can edit you map in real time, with other people, and they can even be in play mode and shooting each other while you are building your level. That is the gold, right there!


I recently had set my map to public, and when I logged on today to get some screenshots for everyone, I got photobombed by a random visitor. They were jumping around my map as I was adding in a new pathway. This is an experience I can say I have never had before. Don’t you dare start whispering “Minecraft” at me, because your blocks are inferior to my brushes! ;D muehehe *cough* Just kidding… Minecraft will always have its charms.

Anyways, I believe the editor deserves some time in the spotlight, especially since it will only get better from where it is currently at. You can render lighting and watch it build itself in real time, you can switch from edit to play mode within seconds, and you can easily have a whole team of friends or strangers helping you work on your map, while being able to watch every move they make. If you’re curious, grab yourself a copy of Reflex on Steam!




Until next time – GAME HARD

Tera: Adventures As An Elin #003

Hello everyone!

As you already know, I have done a few blogs about my adventures as an Elin, in the land of Tera Online. After recently starting up a YouTube channel, I decided it would be fun to start a video series of my adventures! I logged back into Tera yesterday to take a break from my excessive Battlefield 4 playing, and was surprised to see a bunch of new mounts and outfits. Some of it was too cool to simply take a screenshot, and I found myself hitting the record button on my video capture software. By the time I was done playing, I had about 20 videos. What the heck was I going to do with these? Oh, that’s right… I need to stuff some more videos into my sparkling brand new YouTube channel. Ok, so now I feel like I’m doing a little self promotion, but I’m really just excited about it.


Once I move into my new apartment, I’m going to be streaming on Twitch Tv and posting a lot of really interesting videos. Yes, my face will be in some of them too. Curious? Well, you can always subscribe so that you know when those videos come out! Hey, I could get used to this self-promotion thing. Good thing I’m not posting on Reddit *chuckle*. Anyways, back to what this post is supposed to be about! Tera, Elins, and holy shit these mounts are awesome! I don’t know what it is, but I feel like Tera has the coolest mounts of like any game I have played. You can ride giant animals with a fantasy touch to them, or you can go a bit weirder and drive around in a Smart car sized police vehicle – working lights and everything. I spent my time logged in over the past few days admiring all of the pretty things. No, not just the Castanics nearly naked bodies… Little half animal girls in maid outfits, super kawaii fur suits, a giant rice ball on a fork that can be used as an axe-like weapon, and amazingly detailed mounts that make you look more bad-ass than you probably are.


Sometimes simply hanging out in the towns and people watching can be just as fun as playing the actual game. I don’t have too much storytelling for this post, just some self-promotion, and admiring of the cool things that Tera has to offer. I even indulged and bought my Elin bunny girl a schoolgirl outfit, and danced in the middle of town for a good five minutes just to enjoy feeling like I was a character on Lucky Star or K-On.

Until next time…