Spotlight: Reflex | Arena FPS Done Right


Hello everyone!

This week I’m going to have to give the spotlight to Reflex! Reflex is a competitive Arena FPS. The game is still in the prototype stage, but the gameplay is actually pretty awesome. It feels really good to jump around and shoot the weapons that are currently in game. You can even ramp jump – whoohoo! They plan to update the game regularly, and I’m sure it’s going to end up being a pretty amazing arena shooter!


What I really want to talk about is the map creation tool that comes packaged with the game. It’s like hidden gold. The editor is simple and fun, and is almost like a game within itself. You can edit the maps in real time with click-and-drag mechanics. A total newbie to level editing could enjoy these tools. Oh wait, that’s me. I’ve never made a map for a game before… well maybe a few times in RPG maker, but that doesn’t really count, right? I was able to look up a few commands on their forums, and sit down and make an actual playable level. I got so sucked in, that I spent almost 6 hours just playing with the tools. Here is the coolest part… the level editing tools are multiplayer! Yep, you heard me right! You can edit you map in real time, with other people, and they can even be in play mode and shooting each other while you are building your level. That is the gold, right there!


I recently had set my map to public, and when I logged on today to get some screenshots for everyone, I got photobombed by a random visitor. They were jumping around my map as I was adding in a new pathway. This is an experience I can say I have never had before. Don’t you dare start whispering “Minecraft” at me, because your blocks are inferior to my brushes! ;D muehehe *cough* Just kidding… Minecraft will always have its charms.

Anyways, I believe the editor deserves some time in the spotlight, especially since it will only get better from where it is currently at. You can render lighting and watch it build itself in real time, you can switch from edit to play mode within seconds, and you can easily have a whole team of friends or strangers helping you work on your map, while being able to watch every move they make. If you’re curious, grab yourself a copy of Reflex on Steam!




Until next time – GAME HARD

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