Adventures: Unturned #01

Hello everyone!

Recently, I have been playing Unturned with a few of my close friends. I played the game a bit when it first came out, but started getting bored quickly. When two of my close friends invited me to join them in giving it a try, I felt like it would be a good idea to see what the game was like with friends.

We entered the world, and realized we were having trouble finding each other. This is quite common for zombie survival games, as I have also had to run around looking for my friends in games such as H1Z1 and Infestation: Survivor stories. We had to make a Steam group, and all be in it, which allowed us to see each others names in-game. After finding each other, we also realized we were naked, so alas our search for clothes. We died a few times at first, but we managed to collect some weapons, food and clothes. After exploring the island a bit, we decided to settle down on a ship that was docked at one of the towns.


I almost feel like we need some “censor” bars here… haha


We put down some chests, and beds so that we would re-spawn there upon dying. Starting off, we didn’t really know what all we could craft, so we had to turn to the wiki most of the time. In-game, you pretty much would just put random items together and hope to get something. It was a lot like Minecraft in that regard. We managed to craft a campfire, and constructed some walls around our farm. We also secured a few vehicles from the town and nearby farmhouse. After getting a vehicle that the three of us could all ride in, that was when the adventures really started. Some were simply entertaining, while others became outright scary.

2015-02-22_00004 2015-02-18_00006


Some of the towns were full of zombies, and going in alone would have been nerve-wracking. We had built up enough guns, and other weapons, so that we could pretty much line them up and destroy them. It was a parade of death. You also have to worry about food, water, and infection from zombies and spoiled food. We spent a lot of time scavenging for food (including hunting cute animals), and medicine. After securing a few canteens, it was easier to stay hydrated. Melee weapons were super affective because they didn’t use up our stored ammo, but the closer you get to the zombies, the more likely you are to get infected. It’s a good thing you don’t actually turn into zombies. I will say my favorite part about killing zombies so far, is the mass amount of blood that spurts out of them. It really just looks like someone spilled red paint everywhere, but it’s actually quite fun to paint the ground and walls with their colorful insides. A little too much fun sometimes. You can also attach your friends, in which you get the same effect. This happened often… haha


We kept taking road trips, map in hand, and hitting zombies like they were speed-bumps along the way. If we got desperate for food, there was always the berries… Oh yes, the berries. Some of them made you trip like crazy.


Such lewd stuff in the chat! Yup, those are my friends. 😀

There were also Easter eggs, and stuff that you could find for achievements. We found quite a few of these, as we were exploring every inch of the island. I loved that some of the signs were references to famous Twitch streamers, one of them being Lirik. And then there were the chess boards everywhere.


This is not Mount Your Friends…


And here is one of my favorite parts about the game…. base building! I mean, who doesn’t love to build a place to call home within a virtual world? We collected materials, and worked day and night to build our first fully player crafted base. The old ship became extra storage. We kept adding to our base. It started out as a parking garage, and then we built up off of that. Then, I recommended a safe route to the farm, in which the giant overpass was created. We are quite happy with our newly made base. It even has bedrooms with working doors, and a watch tower.

2015-02-26_00001 2015-03-11_00002

2015-03-10_00002 2015-03-11_00008

I can definitely say that I enjoyed the gameplay much more when sharing it with my friends. There were a lot of humorous and stressful situations, but I know that I wasn’t experiencing them alone. A simple game, with limited gameplay, turned into a world of adventure.


Okay… I’m going to have to take your license away.

2015-02-22_00002 2015-03-11_00006

Until next time,



Tera: Adventures As An Elin #003

Hello everyone!

As you already know, I have done a few blogs about my adventures as an Elin, in the land of Tera Online. After recently starting up a YouTube channel, I decided it would be fun to start a video series of my adventures! I logged back into Tera yesterday to take a break from my excessive Battlefield 4 playing, and was surprised to see a bunch of new mounts and outfits. Some of it was too cool to simply take a screenshot, and I found myself hitting the record button on my video capture software. By the time I was done playing, I had about 20 videos. What the heck was I going to do with these? Oh, that’s right… I need to stuff some more videos into my sparkling brand new YouTube channel. Ok, so now I feel like I’m doing a little self promotion, but I’m really just excited about it.


Once I move into my new apartment, I’m going to be streaming on Twitch Tv and posting a lot of really interesting videos. Yes, my face will be in some of them too. Curious? Well, you can always subscribe so that you know when those videos come out! Hey, I could get used to this self-promotion thing. Good thing I’m not posting on Reddit *chuckle*. Anyways, back to what this post is supposed to be about! Tera, Elins, and holy shit these mounts are awesome! I don’t know what it is, but I feel like Tera has the coolest mounts of like any game I have played. You can ride giant animals with a fantasy touch to them, or you can go a bit weirder and drive around in a Smart car sized police vehicle – working lights and everything. I spent my time logged in over the past few days admiring all of the pretty things. No, not just the Castanics nearly naked bodies… Little half animal girls in maid outfits, super kawaii fur suits, a giant rice ball on a fork that can be used as an axe-like weapon, and amazingly detailed mounts that make you look more bad-ass than you probably are.


Sometimes simply hanging out in the towns and people watching can be just as fun as playing the actual game. I don’t have too much storytelling for this post, just some self-promotion, and admiring of the cool things that Tera has to offer. I even indulged and bought my Elin bunny girl a schoolgirl outfit, and danced in the middle of town for a good five minutes just to enjoy feeling like I was a character on Lucky Star or K-On.

Until next time…


Landmark: Underneath It all

Hello Everyone!

So I was playing Landmark (Beta) over the weekend, and I ended up having a strange question come to mind. How deep does the world actually go, and what’s underneath it all?

Landmark is a game that involves mining resources, and building stuff. That’s the simplest way to put it. I realized that some players had dug extremely deep squares of the earth out on their claims (player owned plots of land), but the claims have a limited height and depth that you can build or dig.

**You can apply for Beta or check the page out by clicking this image. You can also get Early Access on Steam for this game.**

I decided it was time for an adventure. I needed and answer to my question, and I was going to get it no matter what. So I grabbed my Founder’s Pickaxe, and started digging. I dug a small tunnel straight down into the earth. I was really disappointed that as I got further down, the layers never changed. Maybe I’m just too used to Minecraft. The entire trip, I was stuck looking at brown dirt. Not much sightseeing on this trip. Although, I did get a few rare items out of the dirt. I even got a Legendary crafting item. But, mostly I got dirt. Lots and lots of dirt. 184,671 dirt, to be exact.



After digging for what must have been an hour (I didn’t time the trip, which I probably should have) the air started looking foggy and had a slight green tint to it. This encourage me to keep digging, even though I was nearly at the point of giving up. I had seen too much dirt at this point, and figured I would start dreaming about dirt if I went any further. I kept digging, and the fog kept getting thicker. Finally I reached a point where the fog was so thick that I couldn’t see my character. I couldn’t even see where to dig. I knew this was probably as far I would get. The whole trip had taken more than an hour.





I will admit, I was hoping for something more exciting. Maybe an underworld with scary monsters, and lava, and giant spires of doom? Maybe just falling into nothing and watching the world above me get further and further away until I’m either brutally murdered by darkness or forced to respawn to safety? Ok… maybe I’ve been playing too much Minecraft.


Until next time,

Game Hard!

Tera: Adventures As An Elin #002

Hello everyone!

This is a short update on my cute adventures as a little bunny Elin. I recently logged in to grind a bit, and complete some more low level quests. There wasn’t much interesting to talk about, except for the fact that it was… Easter! (Yeah, I know, I’m a bit late with this post. Gomenasai. T^T ) You know what Easter means in the world of MMOs? Lots of cute Easter themed rewards, new baddies, and… bunnies! Wait… why am I excited about the bunnies? I almost forgot… I am one. There were new “egg thief” monsters in the game which, when killed, dropped eggs. (who would have guessed?) You can crack these eggs open in your inventory to receive special items. I just ended up getting some special bills (see later in post for a description) and a pair of bunny ears. Bunny ears… Totally useless. Those eggs should have known that I already had a pair attached to my scull. *laughs*

Apparently I wasn’t the only bunny enjoying the festivities. I met up with some other Bunny Elins, and we had a fun time dancing and killing things together. Something about that doesn’t seem very bunny-like…



Cuteness overload, right? Now that you’ve gotten your daily dose of bunny, I would like to mention some cool things about the game I’ve noticed recently. Their reward system. Not necessarily rewards for grinding until you pass out on your keyboard. No, En Masse Entertainment rewards you for simply logging in. Every time you log in, you will receive a message that includes some items called Federation Bills. You can spend these bills at a special merchant found in the towns. you can spend them on useful items, or fun dress-up items. You can even save them to get some really cool armor. The bills are easy to get, and it doesn’t cost much to buy yourself a cowboy hat or a funny emote mask. (Click the images to make them larger! But, you already knew that right? Righhhht?)



Another reward I want to mention is a small present item called a “Weapon Crate” that you get in your inventory. You can open it every 5-10 levels or so.  The present gives you some cool boost items, and apparently a really powerful weapon for your level.


Speaking of powerful weapons…  when you turn level 16, you get a quest for something called your “Avatar Weapon”. This is a special weapon that requires you to collect shards from around the world in order to create it. After acquiring it, you can enchant it up to +9. That’s a lot, considering it’s base stats. Look at those stats. So far it seems that the weapons you get from the Weapon Crates will be the weapons that you use until you get your Avatar Weapons, because they are the strongest you can get. Once you get higher level, you can probably craft some cool weapons, or buy crafted weapons though. I’m not entirely sure.


Well, thanks for listening to my Elin rants again. I hope I will have some really interesting experiences to share with you by next time! Until then, keep living life, one level at a time! (With the occasional buff.)

Tera: Adventures As An Elin #001

Hello Everyone!

If you haven’t played Tera Rising by En Masse Entertainment, you probably don’t know about the Elin race. Let me introduce you.

I recently started a character of the Elin race on this game, and let me tell you… they are freakin’ adorable. Almost makes you “squee” adorable. Ok, well aside from that, they are one of the most popular races on the game. Whether it is because of furry fetishes, the fact that they look Loli, or the fact that they are just super kawaii, this race has been fawned over by Tera fans since it was released.


I went with a bunny character, because who doesn’t love bunnies? I decided on the class Berserker, because who doesn’t want to see a little bunny girl running around killing things with a giant axe? Speaking of weapons… the combat in this game is very entertaining. It is action combat, which means you actually have to dodge and aim with your attacks. It makes fighting BAMs a lot more entertaining, and more player skill based. The picture above is in the beginner’s area “Island Of Dawn”, and when my little Elin is just starting out. I found myself hopping around, and enjoying the emotes. The dance emote reminds me of a version of “CaramellDansen”. Combat is even more entertaining, with the Elin race being so tiny. The monsters seem to tower over me, and it makes me feel a sense of achievement to take one down.



I am very impressed with the gear in this game so far. The gear is different for each race, and class. I was expecting clunky heavy armor on my tanky Berserker, but instead I get little tiny dresses with scales. Elins definitely seem to have a Lolita touch to them. I’m tempted to buy a maids outfit in the near future. Kehkehkeh. The game is Free To Play, although it was originally Pay To Play. The players decided the game was a bit too grindy to be PTP, and En Masse agreed with them. Now the game is FTP with a nice item shop added in. The vanity items are very fashionable, and worth the purchase if you don’t mind dropping a few bucks on the game. I haven’t noticed anything pay to win about this game, except the small XP boosters and a few buff packs. You can’t buy anything too overpowered, at least not that I have seen. Even without vanity outfits, there are a ton of cool and good looking outfits that you can get from BAMs and other events. You can even keep an item with a style you like, and use it as a template to mold any other item with the stats you like into. This works for most items, not all.


I am really liking the game so far, and the characters are well designed. Each one seems to have their own personality. The quests do seem a bit grindy, but the action combat makes up for it quite a bit. The community has been helpful so far, and Global chat entertaining as usual. I was questing around on Island of Dawn and ran into these two elf players. They looked almost identical, but one was dark and the other light. The outfits looked very dressy and badass at the same time. They both had the word “Prince” in their name. I’m not sure why, but small things like this amuse me. You can be anything you want in the virtual world.


Quite a few quests later, I finally took a Pegasus (yes, a giant flying horse that is used for transportation from one city/town to the next) and escaped the Island Of Dawn. I landed in Velika (the capitol city) and got my first quest to join the ranks, and also one to receive my first mount! I had to quickly fly to another town called Lumbertown. Here, I helped a bunch of refugees, and got my first mount… a horse about 5x bigger than me. Haha. I also decided to tempt the refugees with some… bunny soup?



Well that about sums up how far I am in the game right now. I will definitely be looking forward to the next play session, and hopefully I will have some cool stories to tell! I feel that this game has some promising times in store for me. For any lover of MMORPGS, you should definitely check this game out. Remember, it is Free To Play! Stay tuned for more adventures of Disturbed.Doll the Elin bunny!