GameLogic: Loot

Hello everyone!

Today is a topic that I am going to keep as simple as the title. Loot in games.

Okay, picture this: You are out looking for feathers to craft a certain recipe that you’re interested in. You come across a mob of tiny, evil birds. You pull out your bow, and shoot a few. Their bodies are glowing, so you know you’ve scored some loot. You go over, press the action button, and a giant greatsword pops out of their ass. You have no idea why or how. You continue killing them only to receive more random useless items. You let out a sigh emote and continue down the path. A huge nest attracts your attention. You go over, realizing you can use the action button, and suddenly… feathers!! You have extracted feathers from a nest that didn’t even seem to have any inside of it.


Many games I have played have this issue, but some don’t. The above image is from GW2. I ventured out and killed a wolf mob, only to have them spit out a giant staff upon their death. Not sure where the wolf was hiding it, or the story behind how it got there. I have received large items and weapons from tiny plant monsters before, and completely unrelated items such as butter from a spider or zombie. I won’t complain too much. An item is an item, and it’s better than nothing, but how the heck does a spider get a perfectly shaped stick of butter? There are also games that do completely unreasonable things with loot. BioShock Infinite for example. Recently watching the game being played through, I realized that you can find some pretty interesting things in weird places. Money in trash, potatoes in toilets (and you can eat them for health), and don’t forget to search for all the random lockpicks littered around.


On the other hand we have games such as Skyrim and Minecraft that have some pretty legit loot. Also, a lot of survival themed games seem to have realistic loot, especially thirst hunger sleep based ones. It is definitely more immersive when I venture out to find ingredients, and I know that killing a duck will give me duck meet, and gathering a cabbage will give me… well… cabbage.



Does relevant loot affect your gaming experience? If it does, comment!