Slash Frag N’ Teabag – The Creation





Hello everyone!

Have you ever woke up one morning (or late afternoon) and randomly had the ambition to do something new? I’m sure everyone has been there at least once. Well I had the great idea to start blogging. This is something I’ve never really been into before, and I’ve never really had a great topic to stick with. Every blog needs to have at least some sort of theme to stick with. At least that was how I felt. I finally realized that there was something that I do quite often, that I really enjoy, and that I always have a lot to say about. Gaming. Video games, MMO games, RPG, FPS… all of them!

Thus, this blog was started.

Let me introduce myself. I am a club goer, music and art lover, aspiring photographer, crazy drunk, who likes to play a lot of games. When I’m not playing games, my chill out activities include watching a lot of anime and browsing public forums. When I am playing video games, expect this chic to cuss you out (and maybe your mom too), teabag your corpse, laugh when you get thrown across the area by a giant BAM (and then maybe resurrect you… maybe), and for some reason find all the weirdest glitches that include falling through the world or watching an NPC have a complete spazz attack.

I will be posting game reviews, rant posts, gaming news, and some interesting stories about my experiences in some of the games I play.