Black Desert Online: Download The Character Creator

Hello everyone!

If you have been hyped up about the upcoming sandbox MMO Black Desert Online nearing its release, you might be even more excited knowing that you can download the character creator and check it out – before the game even launches.

You can check it out here:

You can take screenshots of the characters you created, as well as save them. I’m going to guess that saving them will make it so that you can have quick access to an already created character design at launch, which is awesome. More games should definitely do this.

Although I’m still disappointed in the gender-locked classes (due to lore), I’m quite impressed with the character creator. You can edit pretty much…well… everything. While there doesn’t seem to be too much selection in the makeup and tattoo department, there are many options for the face and body shape and color that a lot of other games can’t quite compete with.

I highly encourage anyone who is interested in Black Desert Online to check the character creator out!




Upcoming Game: Black Desert Online Open Beta

Hello everyone!

Awhile back I mentioned a game called Black Desert Online, and there wasn’t a huge amount of information available at that time. Recently, Pearl Abyss has announced that they will begin open beta testing in Korea on December 17th. The game is still only in Korean, but there are rumors that a closed beta test for an English translation of the game might begin only weeks after. Until then, feast your eyes on the games beautiful character creation tool, and the action-packed combat. So far, the combat looks amazing!

Until next time…


FFXIV: ARR – Dreams Of Ice

Hello everyone!

So the new 2.4 patch “Dreams Of Ice” is going to be available tomorrow! You know what that means? It mean rogues and ninjas, new dungeons, new items, and of course – Hildibrand! I’m definitely looking forward to checking the new class and job out. I’m sure a lot of other people will be joining me. I mean, who doesn’t want to be a ninja? I admit that I’m a bit worried about how annoying the rogue might possibly be to fight in PvP, but I guess I will just have to play a few rounds to find out. Speaking of PvP, they seem to be adjusting some stuff, as well as adding some new skills and armor. I feel like they needed to make a few adjustments to balance out the PvP gameplay. The PvP items have always been pretty cool.

There is the new dungeon, Snowcloak, which looks like it will be a lot of fun. I was wondering if they would make a snowy dungeon, so I’m quite happy now. And let us not fail to mention, The Final Turn of Coil! I’m pretty sure it’s going to be even more rough than the last few turns. I haven’t experienced the brutality yet, but I plan to in the future. One more mention is the new Trial, The Akh Afah Amphitheatre, in which you get to fight a sexy baddie who I’m only assuming is Shiva.

I’ve really enjoyed my time playing FFXIV: ARR, so I always get excited when they come out with a new patch. I’m sure I’ll have more to talk about when it actually comes out tomorrow. If you haven’t checked this game out, I suggest you at least give it a try. It’s way better than its original predecessor, and the community is pretty awesome. They are always adding new content. There is a big patch coming up the beginning of next year which will introduce a new race, airships, and some other cool stuff.

Until next time – Game Hard!!

GameView: Warframe

“They were called Tenno. Warriors of blade and gun:¬†masters of the Warframe armor. Those that survived the old war were left drifting among the ruins. Now they are needed once more.”

Hello everyone!

Today I would like to give my first impressions of a cooperative free-to-play online sci-fi action game called Warframe.

You start the game out by making a selection from three different Tenno classes, or warframes, which ultimately affect your style of game-play. The first three include the balanced class Excalibur, the stealth/decoy class Loki, and the supportive energy manipulator Mag. It’s hard to describe the classes in a few words, because they all have some interesting abilities that could be compared to different classes. It’s a mixed bag. You get a quick tutorial that shows you how to use all the different weapons you start out with.¬† If you forget anything from the tutorial, don’t worry, because there is a menu that allows you to look through a selection of tutorials and learn everything about the game. I chose Loki, and started out with two different guns and a sword. My abilities allowed me to place a decoy of myself to distract enemies, as well as the ability to go invisible and take them by surprise.


The mission selection screen, which also hold all of the other menus for the game, is actually pretty awesome. All of the loading screens and selection screens seem to have 3D models and scenes, and they rotate so that you can see all the details. To select a mission, you choose a planet and a mission that you can handle at your level. You unlock them as you go, but you can re-visit the missions at any time to farm for items and xp. I started some of the first missions, and I must admit that the game is a bit confusing at first. The mini-map takes a bit of getting used to, and you have to figure out how the objectives work by just jumping in and trying them out. I really like the co-op idea for this game, and you will pretty much eat dirt if you try to go solo on most of the missions. The only thing I dislike about it is that during a mission you can totally lose track of your teammates and they will sometimes leave you behind and finish the mission themselves. So far this has happened multiple times. The idea is great, the actual co-op gameplay could be improved. The few things that I have liked about co-op so far is the ability to revive fallen allies, and that there are actually a few support groups that can drop buffs and heal (when your allies are actually around). I might be biased, but it wasn’t the most amazing first experience for a supposedly co-op game.



Now, taking a look at the actual gameplay and not factoring in the bumpy co-op faults, the game actually has a lot of really awesome content. You can customize and power up your weapons and waframe with countless different combinations. This is achieved by collecting and purchasing different mods, all of which can completely change your play style.  Enemies drop these mods throughout missions, and there is also a marketplace where you can buy specific ones from other players. You can also buy or collect new weapons and enhancements. You can play the game in whatever play style you want, and use a large amount of cool abilities. There is melee, magic, and guns. All of the weapons also level up as you use them. I like that the game can be played like a third person shooter (third and first person shooters are some of my favorite genres.)



I also want to bring up some stuff about the whole free-to-play thing. This game is indeed free to play, and you can earn and collect most items during missions, but there are some parts of the game that do require you to pay real money. Obviously there are some vanity items that cost real money, and this is common in most games, but I’m talking about pay to win shit. Boosters, crafting essentials, Sentinels, and much more can be purchased with real dollars, all of which allow a character to get ahead of any free-to-play characters. And if you want a unique looking character, you’re probably going to need to break out your credit card for that as well. This brings up another topic. You can kind of, sort of, customize your character. You can change the colors of your exo-armor, and weapons for free…. wait for it… that is if you don’t mind tapping a “random colors” button until you get a combination you like.


If you want to change your class and get a different looking Tenno, you don’t necessarily have to pay hard earned dollars for it. The game has something called the Foundry, which gives you the ability to craft a bunch of items, and even new Warframes, using blueprints. You can purchase the blueprints with in-game earned credits.


The last few things I would like to mention is that the game has some cool looking maps, and the combat and missions are really fun and fast-paced. They feel a bit repetitive and grindy, but knowing that you’re scoring some useful resources, achievements, and XP makes it worth-while. It seems that the game allows voice chat, but I haven’t heard one person use it yet. Voice chat seems crucial to completing these missions with your team and not suffering from complete chaos. There are some doors that can only be opened with two teammates, and some sections of the missions that just go smoother if everyone has a job and communicates where they are and what they are doing. I’m going to give the game a chance and see where it goes as the levels and player experience progress. It is definitely a lot of fun when you get a good group. Some of the best reviews came from players who had invested 900 – 2000 hours into the game. Don’t believe me, check out the game’s review page on Steam!

I suggest at least giving this game a try, and it does have a pretty decent amount of devoted players. Collecting, and grinding for more powerful stuff is pretty fun, and if you have some people to play with, I would suggest hooking up your headset and giving them an invite for the co-op stuff.

Until Next Time!


Gameview: WildStar (Beta)

Hello everyone!

This week my game of choice is WildStar, a science fiction fantasy MMO from Carbine Studios. The game is currently in Open Beta, and even though it is in Beta, it seems pretty polished.

The first impression most people might get from WildStar is that it seems kind of like World Of Warcraft… ok, a lot like World Of Warcraft. And, truth be told, the graphics and questing really do make it feel like an expansion to WoW (Or Ratchet and Clank?). The rumors are that a lot of ex Blizzard employees have taken up jobs at Carbine. That would definitely explain a lot. Putting comparisons aside, the game actually has a lot of its own personality. Once you get into it and actually start playing, you realize that the game is really just it’s own. The graphics and characters are definitely likeable, and I actually found myself paying attention to the storyline. There is a lot of lore to collect in the game as well. The character creation offers a lot of options, sliders, and varies from race to race. This is another one of those games that furry lovers will like. There are a lot of options to play characters with ears, tails, and… robot parts?



The first thing I want to mention is the User Interface. It is really intuitive and good looking. It’s pretty easy to find what you’re looking for, and the menus are easy to navigate. The quest tracker could use a little work, but it gets the job done. Speaking of quests. Do you know that annoying feeling of running back and forth to turn in quests. You run all the way across the map to kill something or talk to someone, and then find out you have to run all the way back to turn it in. This is time consuming and frustrating. Well you won’t be doing much of that in WildStar. You can use your Holocall to accept and turn in (most) quests remotely, which is basically like a high tech cell phone to communicate with the NPCs. I actually squealed in delight when I saw this feature come into use.


The world of WildStar truly feels alive. The environment is filled with moving plants and animals, and a lot of stuff is interact-able. There are natural hazards, and places to jump up to. Sometimes you even get the ability to have enhanced jumping, which allows you to reach heights you wouldn’t normally be able to reach and discover new things. The NPCs interact with each other, and have their own conversations. With the default settings, I noticed it was hard for me to even tell the NPCs and players apart, considering that there are no names above the players heads. The game also does a good job of making you feel like you have a reason to be there. I originally chose the Path called Settler, and it allowed me to collect resources and build helpful items for players. It also allowed me to fix broken things throughout the cities and towns, and make the area look more like home. It made me feel useful and needed. There are a lot of things that only certain paths can do, and interact with.



I haven’t gotten very far into the game yet, but I wanted to give my first impressions. So far the questing feels pretty much the same as most other games. There are some interesting quests that involve jumping puzzles and such, but that’s about it. And the Use of remote quests pickups and turn-ins is a pretty cool addition. I’m liking the characters, classes, battle system, and personality of the game. Depending on which side you choose, the storyline of the game is actually a bit different. I’m looking forward to checking out the housing, and the battle arenas. The player housing is a big selling point for the game, and from what I’ve seen, you get a pretty nice piece of land to build on. I might just have to post an update on this game in the near future. I highly encourage you to take advantage of the open beta that ends on the 18th!

Until next time!




GameView: Ghost Recon Phantoms


Hello everyone!

Today I would like to mention a game that I recently started playing. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Phantoms. This is an online addition in the style of the original games.

My first impression was that the game has a very friendly User Interface. It is easy to navigate, and very modern and attractive. The interface reminded me of the old game Bullet Run, and some new games like Hawken and GunZ 2. The next thing I noticed was the shop. A lot of stuff has to be purchased with their secondary currency called Ghost Coins, but there is still a lot of gear that can be purchased with their in-game money. Most of the customization items don’t seem available unless you spend money. I haven’t gained enough levels yet to find out if you can earn them as rewards. There are also some items that seem to only last 30 game sessions, which means you must purchase them again if you want to continue using them. Most of the weapons and gear seem to be permanent, which is a huge plus. Who wants to earn all that money from matches, just to have to spend it on an item you had already purchased before?



I got my character decked out. I chose the Recon class, because I really enjoy using long-distance weapons and sniper rifles (Yeah, I’m that annoying bitch that headshots you from some obscure hiding place). I was able to buy an upgrade for my weapon and armor right off the bat. You start out with 12k of the in-game money. The main complaint I have about character customization, and this is a big one… YOU CAN ONLY BE MALE. There, I said it. This is one of the biggest pet peeves I have. Apparently no female can ever shoot a gun and hit anything. Sexism in games bugs the shit out of me. How are you supposed to connect with your character? Okay, that rant is done. Here is the second complaint I have… you can only buy head gear with purchased currency (Ghost Coins)! Okay, I know this isn’t Team Fortress 2, but who doesn’t like to have an awesome hat. It really adds personality to your character. Hats are life.


Moving past the character customization, we have the gameplay. I hit the Quick Play button, and allowed the game to begin searching for matches for me. There was a chat room where you could dink around while waiting for the match to start. After joining the match, you can re-choose your class before entering. Each class levels up separately. Upon joining the match, I was very impressed with the maps. They are laid out beautifully, and the art is amazing. It has a really awesome, futuristic atmosphere. The game is a Third Person Shooter. Most people are used to First Person when it comes to an online shooter. It didn’t take me long to get comfortable, though. What really impressed me is the ability to track the direction of your teammates (green lines from body to body, and blue lines on the ground tracking where teammates have recently passed through)! This was a really awesome and unique addition. The mini-map is also amazing, and gives you a 3D view of the layout.




The combat also felt really good to me. The guns handle mostly realistically, and there are many types of each gun that all have different effects on how you can play. My first gun had a really bad recoil, but great damage, while the second one was easy to aim, but had a slower firing rate. The most entertaining part of the gameplay for me is the ability to jump over objects, hide or crouch behind them, and lean your body from the cover to take shots. There are also some really cool abilities that you can get. There is a small drone that uses strong heat to affect enemies aim and view, and burn them over a short period of time. There is also radar and cloaking abilities for the sniper classes. The game has some really awesome map layouts, cool weapons and abilities, and also has the ability to voice communicate with your teammates.

So far I am liking the game, and will probably continue to play it. It still seems like it could use a few updates to affect the overall playability (hot female gunners please), and it seems to currently only have 3 large maps. The game modes for each level are all pretty similar, and each class character model looks exactly the same (no customization.. just clones). Because of the name this game uses, I have somewhat high hopes for it in the future. It is definitely still fun as it is, and I would highly encourage everyone to check it out! It is definitely worth taking a look at, and it plays wonderfully with little to no lag and no fps problems. Game on!





There is some really amusing… product placement?

Tera: Adventures As An Elin #001

Hello Everyone!

If you haven’t played Tera Rising by En Masse Entertainment, you probably don’t know about the Elin race. Let me introduce you.

I recently started a character of the Elin race on this game, and let me tell you… they are freakin’ adorable. Almost makes you “squee” adorable. Ok, well aside from that, they are one of the most popular races on the game. Whether it is because of furry fetishes, the fact that they look Loli, or the fact that they are just super kawaii, this race has been fawned over by Tera fans since it was released.


I went with a bunny character, because who doesn’t love bunnies? I decided on the class Berserker, because who doesn’t want to see a little bunny girl running around killing things with a giant axe? Speaking of weapons… the combat in this game is very entertaining. It is action combat, which means you actually have to dodge and aim with your attacks. It makes fighting BAMs a lot more entertaining, and more player skill based. The picture above is in the beginner’s area “Island Of Dawn”, and when my little Elin is just starting out. I found myself hopping around, and enjoying the emotes. The dance emote reminds me of a version of “CaramellDansen”. Combat is even more entertaining, with the Elin race being so tiny. The monsters seem to tower over me, and it makes me feel a sense of achievement to take one down.



I am very impressed with the gear in this game so far. The gear is different for each race, and class. I was expecting clunky heavy armor on my tanky Berserker, but instead I get little tiny dresses with scales. Elins definitely seem to have a Lolita touch to them. I’m tempted to buy a maids outfit in the near future. Kehkehkeh. The game is Free To Play, although it was originally Pay To Play. The players decided the game was a bit too grindy to be PTP, and En Masse agreed with them. Now the game is FTP with a nice item shop added in. The vanity items are very fashionable, and worth the purchase if you don’t mind dropping a few bucks on the game. I haven’t noticed anything pay to win about this game, except the small XP boosters and a few buff packs. You can’t buy anything too overpowered, at least not that I have seen. Even without vanity outfits, there are a ton of cool and good looking outfits that you can get from BAMs and other events. You can even keep an item with a style you like, and use it as a template to mold any other item with the stats you like into. This works for most items, not all.


I am really liking the game so far, and the characters are well designed. Each one seems to have their own personality. The quests do seem a bit grindy, but the action combat makes up for it quite a bit. The community has been helpful so far, and Global chat entertaining as usual. I was questing around on Island of Dawn and ran into these two elf players. They looked almost identical, but one was dark and the other light. The outfits looked very dressy and badass at the same time. They both had the word “Prince” in their name. I’m not sure why, but small things like this amuse me. You can be anything you want in the virtual world.


Quite a few quests later, I finally took a Pegasus (yes, a giant flying horse that is used for transportation from one city/town to the next) and escaped the Island Of Dawn. I landed in Velika (the capitol city) and got my first quest to join the ranks, and also one to receive my first mount! I had to quickly fly to another town called Lumbertown. Here, I helped a bunch of refugees, and got my first mount… a horse about 5x bigger than me. Haha. I also decided to tempt the refugees with some… bunny soup?



Well that about sums up how far I am in the game right now. I will definitely be looking forward to the next play session, and hopefully I will have some cool stories to tell! I feel that this game has some promising times in store for me. For any lover of MMORPGS, you should definitely check this game out. Remember, it is Free To Play! Stay tuned for more adventures of Disturbed.Doll the Elin bunny!