Try Out The Revelation Online In-Game Store With No Remorse!

Hello Everyone!

So I’ve been playing some Revelation Online lately, and it’s come quite a long ways since the first closed beta. It’s now in the third closed beta, and preparing for an open beta.

Everyone wants their character to look cool or cute, right? Well, fear not! There was an announcement on the Revelation website that says “You can freely try out anything within the in-game store without remorse as we will wipe the server prior to our Open Beta Launch”.


What does this mean exactly?

It means that “All top-ups made until February 2nd, 13:00 CET will be entirely refunded to your game account for our Open Beta launch with an additional 15% extra courtesy currency.” Those were the exact words used in the statement. That means you can buy something you want to use until the server gets wiped (after CBT3 ends) and then have the money you spent back in your inventory during the open beta. You could buy something totally different!

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up!

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Spotlight: Life Is Strange

Hello everyone!

In the spotlight today, we have Life Is Strange, a five part episodic game where you make choices that affect the story.

The first thing I want to say about this game is that the art style is absolutely amazing. The world is beautiful, and alive. The main character, Max, is an 18 year old girl with an Indie lifestyle. She spends most of her time looking at the world through her old-school instant camera. She recently returned to her hometown from Seattle, only to find that the dream school she got accepted to wasn’t as perfect as she had imagined it. There were the same old cliques, bullying, and drama as any school.


The characters feel realistic, and you can probably relate them to at least someone you know in real life. The writing is a bit cliche’ at times, but it kind of adds to the charm. You have a bit of freedom to explore the world around you, and often get humorous narration from Max. Max is her own person, although you can affect her encounters with the people around her. You can talk to almost everyone on campus, but you may not get to talk to them for long if you don’t relate to them. If you say something wrong, they will pretty much blow you off. You can always go back in time and answer them correctly. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention… Max can rewind time.

2015-01-30_00006 2015-01-30_00004

I played through the first episode and was really happy with it. There were a few things that I missed out on, so I will probably play through the game one more time. There are some hidden photo opportunities that can only be found by making certain decisions throughout the game. There is definitely some re-playability to the game, although the story won’t be all that different. I really loved the characters, and there was a perfect mix of real life drama and supernatural for my taste buds. You can also learn a lot about photography and cameras while playing the game, since the game also focuses on Max wanting to get the courage to show the world her photos.


I would definitely recommend this game to anyone who is a fan of story-driven games, with just enough interaction. The game does involve drug use and some touchy subjects, so make sure you’re okay with those things before you spend the $4.99 that the game currently costs on Steam. You can buy it one episode at a time, or you can get a Season Pass if you know you want to play the whole game through. After the ending of Episode 1 (no spoilers) you will probably be inclined to check out the next episode.

2015-01-30_00020 2015-01-30_00013

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Spotlight: Vidar

Hello Everyone!

Recently I was contacted by someone who introduced me to a really interesting game that they are working on. The game is called Vidar, and it takes place in a town that is haunted by a beast – a beast that kills one citizen every night. I had a chance to check out the demo, and I can tell that Vidar is a game to look forward to.

You have only 24 days to complete puzzles and quests to save the citizens of Vidar. Sound like a challenge? Well, here is the interesting part – the deaths and dungeons are random every time you play the game. Each experience you have in the town of Vidar will be different. You cannot simply memorize a puzzle, because the next time you start a game, the puzzle will be completely different.


A really interesting part of this game is that, depending on which citizens were killed, the other citizens will all have different things to say, and different quests to hand out. They all have different relations with each other, and their stories will change depending on how close the person who dies was to them. Deaths, and player completed quests can change the feelings and dialogue of each citizen.


Take a look at these beautiful sprites!

You will spend a lot of your time down in the dungeons, solving puzzles, and completing quests. You have a certain amount of time each day, to complete as much as you possibly can. The puzzles are very interesting, and have that old-school indie feel to them. Lever pulling, button pressing, and sliding on frictionless ice to figure out how to get to your next objective. Certain quests may even throw you further into the dungeon.


After your time is up, you return to town, and get some free time to roam around and talk to people. You find out which citizen was killed, and most likely the citizens will have new things to say after this death. Depending on who dies, or which quests you manage to complete, different things can happen. In one quest, depending on who was killed, you either receive low quality or high quality lamp oil to light some lamps in a dungeon. If you get the low quality oil, a fire might break out, and cause more death and destruction in a town that is already suffering.


If you don’t complete the quests and puzzles at the end of 24 days, all of the citizens of Vidar will die, and you will lose the game. The game has a bit of a time management system to it. You watch the clock tick down, and know that depending on how far you have gotten in the dungeon, more people will die before you finish it.


The real charm of this game, is in its randomness. You can replay the game, and still enjoy it. You can even find new challenges, due to the randomized dungeons and quests. You will get to see different sides of the citizens each time. The game is in its early stages, and you can play the demo to get a feel for how it’s going to play. You can also support the game on their Epocu page. If you want updates on the game, check out their Twitter page. They will also be releasing their Kickstarter on January 12.

Check out the demo (which can be found on their website) and if you enjoy it the first time, play it again, because the next time will be different!

Upcoming Game: Black Desert Online Open Beta

Hello everyone!

Awhile back I mentioned a game called Black Desert Online, and there wasn’t a huge amount of information available at that time. Recently, Pearl Abyss has announced that they will begin open beta testing in Korea on December 17th. The game is still only in Korean, but there are rumors that a closed beta test for an English translation of the game might begin only weeks after. Until then, feast your eyes on the games beautiful character creation tool, and the action-packed combat. So far, the combat looks amazing!

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